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Cloud Based Flexible Energy Supplier With Live Digital Billing

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Disrupt Your Perceptions

To compete in an increasingly challenging environment, customers need to find new ways to optimise energy purchasing and track budget performance. Using advanced energy data analytics and the digital technologies provided by the platform, Catalyst can leverage your consumption profile data to break costs down to 30-minute intervals and then build this back up from hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or per annum.  As all costs are fully delivered then it’s impossible to find a lower price point on any given day, and with built in energy buying algorithms set against your preferred purchasing strategy or budget requirements this is truly a unique concept.



Disrupt Your Energy Purchasing Perception

In an industry that is over 20-years old, technology is advancing at such a pace that for the first time ever the technology has surpassed the process it was supposed to be supporting. Smart data can now create full visual pricing transparency and this clearer understanding enables better buying decisions to be taken. These insights enable customers to now manage and purchase energy in ways that simply where just not previously possible.

Now imagine an energy supplier that is so disruptive that the days of the traditional paper bill are over, and billing becomes digital and available in real time, broken down into all of the component parts that make up your invoice, so as an end user you can truly understand how all of the charges make up your final total energy bill.  Not just for the current month, but historically and into the future, allowing a true real time digital forecast and live budget analysis for your ongoing energy costs. 

This total cost would include all of the non-commodity charges and access to flexible wholesale energy purchasing, delivered all at the market prevailing rate, with 100% market price transparency. This level of data is so powerful and so intuitive that it allows end users to uncover opportunities for performance improvements, as well as energy and cost savings through clearer buying signals.