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Lower your Electricity and Gas Costs Through Combined Purchasing

Flexible Energy Purchasing

With the current volatility within the wholesale electricty and gas markets set to continue, purchasing your next electricity or gas contract at the optimum time and aggregating consumption volumes will result in significantly reducing your electricity or gas spend.  Until now only the very largest energy consumers have been able to spread the risk and purchase their electricity are gas in smaller tranches. Now smaller companies can join together and combine their energy spend with other companies to form larger buying groups. Leading energy experts Catalyst have developed a unique product for our customers that facilities this arrangement for you and provides all business consumers with access to wholesale markets through our flexible energy baskets.

A Better Way to Buy Commercial Electricity and Gas Contracts


What is Flexible Energy Basket?

  • A ‘Basket’ is an aggregation of commercial electricity and or gas consumers which provides the required volume in order to purchase Flexibly rather than purchasing a traditional Fixed term contract.
  • Purchasing your electricity or gas contract via an energy basket will deliver economies of scale hence more competitive prices.
  • Provides end users with direct access to the wholesale energy markets, reducing the risk of purchasing your energy on a single day.
  • The product also allows customers to reforecast electricity or gas consumptions.
  • All charges are itemised and are fully transparent including your electricity, gas and regulatory charges.

What Does a Flexible Basket do?

  • We actively purchase energy at the times when market conditions are more favourable.
  • Greater understanding of wholesale electricity and gas markets and market information sharing within the Basket.
  • Avoids having to accept a fixed price contract at the time of supply contract renewal.
  • Still provides budget certainty, but we look to beat the budget as we operate within a pre-agreed risk and benefit framework.
  • Allows smaller energy consumers to pull together with other like minded customers to have greater buying power.
  • Provides access to flexible products for smaller users which are traditionally reserved for large companies.

If you're still not convinced


Disrupt Your Energy Purchasing Perception

Imagine if you could join up in a group with other business energy users to combine your buying power to get a better deal.  Well with our flexible energy basket purchasing solution thats exactly what you can do.  We manage the groups and provide a risk managed strategy which allows us to buy chunks of electricity and gas at low points in the market.


Our 3 Point Summary

  • Our energy basket arrangements allow our customer to combine their energy requirements with other similar sized companies and pull together a total combined energy spend. This can either be on a traditional fixed price basis or on one of our flexible basket arrangements.
  • Available to all types of business, regardless of consumption size for both electricity and gas.
  • Direct access to wholesale energy prices and risk managed approach to buying through our energy desk.

Still Prefer a Fixed Price Contract

Catalyst has the largest supplier panel in the UK and our digital cloud based platform is real time linked to all supplier price books, so we are able to provide a full market quote in a matter of minutes.

Our Fixed Price Energy Plans protect your business from unexpected energy price increases, and guarantee you a low fixed rate for the full term of your energy supply contract. With fixed price gas and electricity contracts, the price agreed today remains constant over the lifetime of the contract.

With a choice of fixed price electricity and gas contracts for 1,2,3,4 or 5 years, we will be able to find a plan that suits your needs. Fixed price energy deals have risen in popularity over the years as they offer budget certainty and allow you to plan the cost expectations of your gas and electricity.