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The Catalyst Energy Advantage™ is an on demand online energy management tool, that provides a bespoke service with a secure central online database of energy, gas and water supply data to our customers.

When combined with half hourly supplied data, smart meters or data logger applications, it provides a comprehensive diagnostic tool for analysing and manipulating your energy supply data.

Built with over 150 standard reports, allowing you to compare your energy consumption over any time period down to an hourly level.

Our reports include everything that you need to fully understand your business energy use and will help you identify and control your energy patterns. With the ability to investigate in more detail when and how energy is used within your organisation.

Identify and monitor exceptional usage patterns and benchmark energy consumption between buildings or working processes. Identify potential control setting problems that easily arise when the clocks change for example. Improve forecasting & setting of energy budgets by target the most expensive elements to your working day or week. Increased visibility gives greater incentive to reduce & control costs to your companies stake holders, management and staff. it also allows you great control and the ability to improve your energy data for future procurement contract renewals and even tariff optimisation.

Catalyst Energy Advantage™ Diagnostic Tool

With such a wide and diverse range of energy reports available we are confident that we will have a report that fits your requirements.

Very rarely now do we have a customer ask us for a type of report that a previous customer hasn't already asked us for, and over the last 5-years this has allowed us to build up a bank of highly targeted reports that will fit your exact needs .

One of our most popular reports is the monthly calendar review, which highlights your energy consumption each day over a calender month.

At the very basic level this suits a lot of our half hourly customers who just want to make sure that there energy pattern is following an expected pattern.

This can also be used to identify an immediate problem, for example if a company was only working Monday to Friday, but our reports were highlighting a sudden surge in energy on a Saturday morning, this allows a company to investigate and control this lost energy.

Its simple things like this that if gone unnoticed for a long period of time can add a considerable cost to any business.

Often we find that a company has know idea how they use there energy and only when they can visually see there own patterns can they begin to identify areas of wasted energy.

After several months of controlling energy consumption and establishing your weekly working patterns can you begin to simply monitor your report for any further discrepancies.

Or for those company's that are actively looking to reduce energy consumption further, with perhaps investment into new energy saving equipment and easily evaluate the effectiveness of cost reduction measures by comparing month on month, or week on week reporting.

This is especially effective for those customer who have multiple locations as you can start to profile your business against similar operational sites.

For those customers that have full access to our Catalyst Energy Advantage™ they can even selecting operating hours or energy alerts if the consumption suddenly increases greater than the normal parameters.

Another report that has got a lot of attention over the last few years is our monthly carbon footprint reports. This will give a quick overview of your company's carbon use over a monthly basis, compare month on month and year on year.

We then convert this carbon measurement into an everyday measurement that everyone can relate to, such as the number of kettles that could have been boiled with the amount of energy used.

These reports help to engage stakeholder, management and staff to become consciously aware how and when the business uses energy. Only by this type of engagement will people start to take an interest in controlling energy as they start to view energy usage on our Catalyst Energy Advantage™ solution.  We can activate multiple users on Catalyst Energy Advantage™ so you are able to share these consumption reports throughout the business.

Catalyst Energy Advantage™ Summary

The Catalyst Energy Advantage™ is an amazing tool for viewing your energy consumption on demand, with data typically loaded on a daily basis you can quickly view and control your energy consumption from any computer with internet access. Please contact us if you would like more information on our Catalyst Energy Advantage™ energy management tool.