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Energy Efficiency

Our position as an independent consultant allows us to use the best of breed suppliers, contractors and renewable technologies available on the market today to deliver a full scale energy efficiency to any business.  We have an impressive network of partnerships and joint ventures with leading independent energy efficiency companies and it is this impartiality that gives us unrivaled access to technologies and funding streams, enabling us to secure finance to support energy saving initiatives for the business and public sector.

We span all aspects of energy efficiency, from consultancy and project management through to delivery at a local level via our national network of accredited assessors and installers. Our proven expertise in retrofitting properties with renewable technologies and energy efficiency measures allows a business to finally take control of energy cost, reduce carbon and have a lasting impact on the environment and energy sustainability.

Funding Streams

We we are totally impartial, which allows us to capitalise on all available national and or local funding, grants and incentives for renewable technologies and energy efficiency measures including private green investment funding. We can even provide support for leasing options, allowing you to spread the cost over the savings generated from your chosen technology.  Renewable funding is available for both capital expenditure projects and for government backed incentives such as FiT and RO applicable solutions. 

Funding Provisions:

  • Shared Energy Saving Programme is a fully funded carbon reduction proposition which offers our clients the opportunity to upgrade the heating and/or lighting systems within their commercial or public buildings, achieving higher levels of energy efficiency and resulting in significant savings in energy costs. There is no up-front outlay required as the cost of improvements are repaid through the savings achieved on the property's energy expenditure over a defined period of time. This also means that the financing is off balance sheet so gearing is unaffected. Clients also receive a warranted and guaranteed growing share of the savings, plus ownership of the assets at the end of the contractual period.  This solution is suited to all types of commercial and public buildings including schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, care homes and offices. Measures included currently include biomass boilers, LED lighting, Solar PV and other renewable heating systems.
  • The Green Deal is a government-led initiative which aims to improve the energy efficiency of businesses, reducing CO2 and creating as many as 250,000 new jobs.  Currently lighting, mechanical ventilation and heat recovery measures are all covered under the scheme.
  • Private funding is available from a number of investment companies that are keen to position capital into government backed renewable opportunities such as Solar PV, Wind and Biomass.

Renewable Technologies

We can provide access to any form of renewable technology that will help both control, measure and reduce energy consumption to achieve energy or cost savings and a reduction in carbon consumption.