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Invoice Validation

Energy management is more important today than ever, and with our invoice validation services you can be confident that our solution is the most advanced available for finding errors and over charges in utility invoices. Our invoice validation software performs over 35 different validation checks to ensure that even the most complex energy suppliers invoices are correct.

Industry figures estimate that utility invoices contain errors of between 3% and 5% by value of overcharging and with ever more complex contracts being used this looks set to continue.Invoice Validation

The solution is a fully audit-able energy accounting system for validating and managing the payment of invoices received in either electronic or paper form. We perform over 35 separate checks to identify any errors on supplier invoices so that action can be taken to recover overcharges as quickly as possible.

Electronic billing though saves a huge amount of time in loading invoices and eliminates keying errors and the solution supports all electricity, gas and water supplier formats. Invoices are validated against a rigorous set of criteria to ensure that any errors are highlighted prior to payment. Even the most complex electricity contracts can be analysed with calculation of all pass through charges including DUoS, Triads, DUoS & TUoS losses, BSUoS, AAHEDC, Renewable Obligation, Meter Operations, DC, DA and CCL. For gas contracts, we will validate the transportation charges on pass through contracts, and even check that the calorific value is calculated correctly.

Invoice Validation Software & Bureau Services

We can even manage withdrawn and amended bills and allow splitting of bills that contain brought forward balances or multiple months of invoice data. Any problem bills that cannot be resolved can either be rejected or placed in suspense for resolution later. We will raise any identified issues with the supplier and work with them to highlight any discrepancies in billing, to recover any loss or overpayment on our customers behalf.

Benefits of Invoice Validation

For any large or complex billing account we would always recommend that the invoices are thoroughly checked using our invoice validation service. This will check and highlight any issues in the following areas:

  • Identifies overcharges
  • Over 35 separate checks
  • Validates even the most complex invoices
  • Supports all supplier electronic formats
  • Automatically handles credits
  • Reject or suspend problem invoices
  • Dedicated payment process
  • Over 50 standard reports available

Please contact us for more information on any of our invoice validation services.