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Retrospective Cost Auditing

Industry figures estimate that utility invoices contain errors of between 3% and 5% by value of overcharging and with ever more complex flexible contract thresholds lowering this problem looks set to continue. 

Significant overcharging is now commonplace with the complexity of pass through charging, coupled with basic manual handling errors and an over reliance upon billing software all add to ongoing billing issues from energy suppliers.

Our service de-constructs historical billing to challenge the published 3rd party elements and even the most complex electricity contracts can be analysed with calculation of all pass through charges including DUoS, Triads, DUoS & TUoS losses, BSUoS, AAHEDC, Renewable Obligation, Meter Operations, DC, DA and CCL.

For Gas contracts, it will validate the transportation charges on pass through contracts, and even check that the calorific value is calculated correctly. This electricity history check solution or our gas bill history check can quickly return money back to your companies bottom line.