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So what’s the difference between Commercial LPG Gas and Natural Gas, well natural gas is a fossil fuel mainly consisting of methane that has been formed over millions of years from plankton and decomposing organic matter that would have been buried by natural sediment. Natural gas is then distributed throughout the UK and is used for business, commercial and industrial gas purposes where a connection to the national or local distribution network exists.

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Commercial LPG gas for business use or liquefied petroleum gas consists mainly of butane and or propane, and is mainly produced during the oil refining process, or is extracted during natural gas production. LPG gas is stored under moderate pressure in a liquid form and this makes it ideal and suitable for storing and transporting to businesses that are not connected to the natural gas supply network. Or as an alternative energy source LPG gas is a cost effective source of energy because it is easy to transport and store and can be used for a wide range of commercial uses such as LPG heating, LPG forklift trucks, LPG farming, LPG cooking and LPG ground care.

Commercial LPG Gas is the most efficient and reliable alternative when mains gas is unavailable, and is the new fuel of choice for Hotels, Restaurants, Caterers, Hospitals, other business sectors. It is also much cheaper than electricity and easier to store than heating oil and with low carbon emissions, business LPG gas is also the cleanest burning fuel.

Business LPG Gas Price Quote

Request a call back from our team today, and we will explain how the market works and arrange a commercial LPG quote for your business.

We can offer the following benefits:

  • You could make significant savings with our LPG pricing plan.
  • Safety is of paramount importance in all our operations.
  • Installed tanks and supplies products are in full compliance with local health & safety regulations.
  • We have a team of experienced LPG experts who can provide you with all the essential information and support.
  • No worries, no hassle and no stress solution for all your business LPG needs. - Security of energy supply with an excellent national delivery service.
  • New connections can be quoted for easily.
  • Call us today for a competitive quote on any of your LPG needs.

Commercial LPG Gas Prices

There are lots of different LPG Gas suppliers in the UK and choosing the right LPG gas supplier for your business can be a confusing and lengthy process and with the availability of wholesale gas prices, how do you know if you have a good deal or if your current commercial LPG gas quote is any good.

With a transparent pricing structure, we can advice on the best price and contract terms for your LPG business gas supply. We can deliver financial savings to both new and existing commercial LPG users and we have expert industry knowledge combined with our own market intelligence to provide our clients with unparalleled cost effective services.

Commercial LPG Gas Savings

The ability to achieve significant savings on your LPG gas is relatively simply as the cost of the raw product from any supplier has a price tolerance range otherwise it would be uncompetitive within the LPG gas market. The cost to deliver the commodity is also tightly controlled as suppliers work to improve and control delivery margin costs.

But this also represents the biggest area for achieving savings as it is more cost effective to deliver frequently to multiple locations in a concentrated area than it is to deliver occasionally to a remote location. So if a supplier can route your requirements in to an already existing route you will see the benefit in lower delivery costs.

We can also advice on commercial LPG gas tanks and your legal requirements for a lpg gas business plan. In addition to this, you will also benefit from a lower supplier margin as it is more cost effective for a supplier to support our single working requirements rather than a range of direct Commercial LPG Gas customers.

Please contact us to discuss your current or future Commercial LPG Gas requirements further.