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MOP Contracts

A Meter Operator or (Electricity MOP Contract) is only required for half hourly electricity contracts but you must have a valid mop agreement in place if you have this type of supply. This contract covers the supply of the meter, maintenance and the necessary telecommunications for MOP Contractssending consumption data to your chosen energy supplier.

The subject of metering is often confusing for customers since privatisation, particularly since the meter operator contract is no longer part of the standard supply agreement.

Many customers are unaware of required legislation such as the statutory requirement that sites with a maximum demand in excess of 100kW should have half-hourly metering installed as standard, and are unsure of who to contact. The process of managing the relationship between the Supplier, Meter Operator and Local Distributor is often a minefield, and is an area where many customers choose to outsource.

It is standard practice to lease a half hourly meter from a meter operator as its then there responsibility to maintain an effective on-going service and ensure effective data delivery of your energy consumption.

A MOP contract is usually based on a five year agreement and costs around £250 - £600 per annum depending on the type of half hourly supply. This is always a stand alone agreement and is independent on any separate electricity supply agreement and so you will be invoiced directly from your meter operator for any associated service charges.

If you fail to appoint a 3rd party meter operator then your supplier may appoint one for you, usually their preferred supplier. Any additional cost is normally passed through on your supply contract, however over the last few years suppliers prefer customers to appoint their own direct MOP supplier as this avoids any conflicts of interest.

What is a MOP Contract

A Meter Operator (or MOP) is the company that will go to site and fit your meter and then provide on-going meter maintenance. If your meter is going to be non-half hourly meter (NHH) your supplier will allocate the local meter operator to install metering at your site. If you require a half-hourly electricity meter (HH) to be fitted, you will need to choose a meter operator to attend your site to fit the meter. You must arrange a contract (known as a Meter Operator Agreement or MOP contract) with your chosen meter operator in order for this work to go ahead. Sites with a maximum demand of over 100kW are required to have metering installed that is capable of measuring consumption in half hourly periods. The meters are read remotely via a telecommunications link. This type of metering is governed by an industry Codes of Practice; Code 3 for sites with a maximum demand exceeding 1MW, and Code 5 for sites with a maximum demand over 100kW.

Electricity MOP Contract Quote - Our Quick Quote Service

The installation of half hourly metering on sites below 100kW is optional. For sites with a maximum demand over 100kW, half hourly metering is not only mandatory, it is a prerequisite in electricity supply agreements. In order to install half-hourly metering an accredited Meter Operator must be appointed. Energy suppliers will appoint a meter operator on your behalf unless you nominate and appoint your own.

Request a call back from our team today, and we will explain how the market works and arrange a MOP Contract quote for your requirments.

We can offer the following benefits:

  • Clear and simple advice.
  • A simple quote with no hidden extra's.
  • Collection of your data and monthly consumption reporting
  • Fully delivered solution and ongoing support.

MOP Contract- Data Collector/Data Aggregator (DC/DA)

The opportunity for consumers to nominate their own Data Collector/Data Aggregator (DC/DA) has existed since 1998. Many customers have still not taken advantage of this, leaving their chosen supplier to appoint their own preferred provider. There are significant advantages to nominating your own DC/DA, including enhanced data, provision often at little or no extra cost.

MOP Contracts Q&A

Q. How much should a meter operator agreement or meter operations contract cost? A meter operator agreement costs from £250.00 to £500.00 per annum depending on factors such as the meter operator and the type of meter. There will usually be a separate charge for the communications link which varies from area to area.

Q. How do I get a new MOP contract or Meter Operator Agreement set-up? Once you have chosen your meter operator, you will need to call them and arrange a contract - they will supply you with all of the necessary paperwork. The contract will include payment for the meter to be fitted as well as an annual payment for the maintenance of that meter. The MOP agreement will not organise a meter installation date. You will need to liaise with your supplier in order to get a meter installation date after you have set-up a MOP Agreement. Without this MOP Agreement in place, the meter installation date cannot be arranged.

Q. Can you arrange a Meter Operator Agreement for me? Yes, we are able to assist in all aspects related to metering and Meter Operator Agreements.

Q. Does a MOP agreement include the collection and delivery of my supply data? Although you are free to select different companies for your Meter Operations and Data Collection many companies combine this solution to eliminate problems within the supply chain.

MOP Contract Fact Sheet

Independent MOP Contract Agreement Service Summary

Choose Catalyst to assist in the quoting, implementation and tracking of your meter operator contract to remove the hassle and inconvenience of trying to coordinate different service providers on this complex project. We only work with approved high quality meter operators and we'll also provide you with your own high quality data management service. We sit between all suppliers and agents ensuring that we can move quickly to instigate your required service.

We also take care and arrange for delivery of all of the meter technical information required by agents and suppliers. We make the process as simple as possible as will we post out a formal agreement with accompanying terms and conditions for your review. Upon signature and return of these agreements we will arrange the process of this agreement and liaise direct with your supplier to coordinate the appointment of your new MOP Contract. Please contact us to discuss any half hour mop contract requirements that you may have.


From 1 April 2017, electricity consumption must be settled using automated half hourly interval data.  Any customers with a non-half hourly profile class 5 – 8 advanced meter will be moved to HH settlement.  As this is a mandatory industry-wide change it will be implemented by all suppliers. Ofgem has given the industry an implementation deadline of 31 March 2017, by which time all customers need to be settled using HH data.   They have also said that:

  • Any newly agreed contract that starts on or after 5 November 2015 will need to be switched to HH within 45 days, subject to advanced metering being installed.
  • Any contract that starts prior to 5 November 2015 will need to be switched to HH by the end of March 2017.
  • Ofgem has said that if fixed-term contracts are offered between now and 1 April 2017, then it would expect that the contract would either expire before the P272 implementation deadline or make it clear to the customer when and how the terms of the contract may need to change as a result of moving to HH settlement in advance of the settlement changes.

Why is P272 happening?

P272 means that the industry should use half hourly data for ‘settlement’ in order to improve accuracy. It will also help distributors better understand electricity usage, so that they can make sure networks are maintained appropriately. ‘Settlement’ refers to how suppliers match, and pay for the energy consumed by customers, to the energy purchased on their behalf.

For non-half hourly sites, consumption is profiled across the industry, based on what a typical customer in a relevant Profile class uses. This means that suppliers must obtain meter readings before they can ‘settle’ based on actual consumption.

For half-hourly sites, the meters record and transmit the consumption reading every half an hour, rather than waiting for meter readings. This means suppliers can quickly settle their consumption based upon actual usage, and be able to offer pricing and products that reflect half-hourly costs and consumption more closely in the future.

The change will affect an estimated 160,000 meters across the UK.

Phased Implementation for P272

Following an industry-wide consultation, the implementation of P272 has been amended to allow for a phased migration. This will mean the following:

  • Start Date: 5 November 2015.
  • Any PC 05-08 supply contracts up for renewal after this date MUST be migrated to HH Settlement within 45 days of renewal.
  • This means that for some business sites implementation will be earlier and for others it will be later, depending on the supply contract renewal date.
  • Whenever your supply contract renewal date is due you will need an HH MOP and HH DCDA Contract in place beforehand.
  • Critically, unless you choose your preferred provider, you may end up with Agreements that don't match your specific requirements.

Call Catalyst today to discuss your requirements and arrange for us to manage your CoMC programme when the time is right for you.

P272 Flowchart

P272 Flowchart

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