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Half Hourly Electricity Prices

Trying to obtain prices for a half hour meter isn't very straight forward, and unlike other energy products these prices are individual to your requirements and electricity demand. Because of this, prices can't simply be quoted from any price book, they have to be determined by a number of factors. From these factors suppliers will build a price that is unique to your location, supply volume and consumption patterns.  Review our Half Hourly Brochure and an overview of our approach and methodology process.

They do this by auditing your previous 12-months worth of consumption, looking at factors such as your base load, peak demand, and any seasonal variances in use.

A number of other variables also go into making up your final contract price, but the general rule of thumb is that suppliers margin and cost to serve your account will be approximately 5% of your total bill value.

The cost to deliver or distribute your electricity to you, then accounts for approximately 20% of the total bill value, and is dependent on your connection to the local distribution.

For example cables below ground will attract a different cost to overhead cables, however this element is regulated and price controlled by the industry regulator Ofgem. This cost element is published and updated annually and all suppliers work of this industry set cost with out the room to negotiate any discount.

The biggest proportion of your final energy bill is made up of the raw product cost, the actual energy and accounts for approximately 75% of your final bill.

Your Annual Energy Consumption

In order to obtain the best business electricity rates a supplier needs to understand your location, the type of meter that you have and how you are connected to the local distribution company. They also need to understand what your agreed available capacity is with the local distribution, and if you have a low voltage of high voltage connection.

In addition to the technical information and in order for a supplier to price your half hourly electricity meter, they need to understand how and where you use your energy. Because these type of meters capture consumption data every 30-mins of the day, all of this data is gathered together to indicate how your energy is used over time. Do you have any seasonal, time of day, or time of week variants for example. So obtaining the cheapest half hour prices isn't simply a case of using a price book from a supplier to cheap half hour prices, it is more involved and requires a high level of understanding to accurate measure the value of each offer received.