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Our end to end water services covers all requirements from retrospective cost recovery, tariff analysis, water efficiencies and water procurement solutions. Our water procurement services makes business water auditit simple to switch water supplier by handling the whole process on your behalf, from finding you the best price to managing the whole changeover process. Our customers are now benefitting from the new deregulated and open commercial water market, and any competition between water suppliers means increased choice and lower rates for end users. Couple this with proactive management of your business water supply and the savings really start to stack up.  Ongoing checking of your invoices also provides peace of mind and our full validation solution provides a range of additional reports to help with your budget analysis requirments.

Business Water Audit Service

Our business water audit service is a free of charge solution available for any type of business premises. With your water supplier being dictated wholly by your geographical location, companies are often under the misapprehension that they cannot reduce their water costs, without reducing their overall water consumption.

If you are concerned about water consumption and costs, then a historical audit is the best place to start. Not only will this identify savings potential immediately, but it will provide, in many cases, a cash rebate from your water company which can be used to offset other utility costs or to further fund other water saving initiatives.

Business Water Services Case Studies

Case Study 1 - Retail Case Study - 1 Retail Customer
Case Study 2 - Retail Case Study - 2 - Bookmakers
Case Study 3 - Charity Case Study - 3 - Charity
Case Study 4 - Maufacturer Case Study - 4 - Manufacturer
Case Study 5 - Retail Case Study - 1 Retail Customer
Case Study 6 - Retail Case Study - 1 Retail Customer
Case Study 7 - Charity Case Study - 1 Retail Customer
Case Study 8 - Maufacturer Case Study - 1 Retail Customer

But before any water reduction work commences it is vital important to confirm that your charges currently levied by your water company are valid for the supply in existence at your premises. Time and time again through our business water audit we identify an amazing array of issues with commercial water bills with some charges levied accidentally for months and even years. The other main issue that we see often is failure to identify the time periods that the bills actually cover.

As it’s not unusual for a water company to bill in advance and historically at the same time and this makes it extremely difficult to keep track of your payments and accrue funds for future expected payments.

Typically one in three sites will reveal a savings opportunity through business water audit and analysis alone with savings varying from 10-45% of annual water expenditure. An additional onsite business water audit can reveal even greater savings and retrospective rebate opportunities in line with the Statute of Limitations.

Business Water Audit & Waste Water Retrospective Audit

In order for us to perform our business water audit service all we need is a recent copy bill for each water meter on your premises and brief summary of how you use water within your business.

Our experienced water consultants will then carry out a comprehensive audit of all the component charges on your bills that make up the total charges, taking into account staff populations and water facilities on site.

Once complete we will return a no obligation report back to you indicating our findings. This could simply be a health check, that at the moment your charges and consumption levels are correct and we would just recommend monitoring your costs in the future for any significant changes.

Or we could identify incorrect or erroneous charges on your account that we will then recover on your behalf. In extreme cases we would also recommend an on site survey to further establish evidence that will support our claim or to identify potential areas of water waste that can be easily rectified on site. This could be anything from simply controlling water use more effectively or something more dramatic such as hidden water leak detection solutions.

Historical Business Water Audit Will Address:

All types of billing anomalies (duplication, over-estimation of accounts, overcharges)

- Investigation - of all fixed charges applied

- Verification - of allowances available

- Validation - of Surface Water Drainage charges

- Assessment - of consumption Identification - of possible leak/shared supply

- Confirmation - of appropriate meter sizing, water meter audit

- Investigation - of Trade Effluent consents

- Potential - for water efficiency measures and/or rainwater harvesting

Upon completion of the analysis a full report detailing the opportunities available to the customer, both financial and environmental and advice on how to proceed will be provided and our historical audit is entirely free and without obligation.

Our Water Leak Detection Service

Following our initial desktop business water audit of your billing information we can quickly move to identify water leaks on your premises on your side of the water meter. This can be achieved either through our initial analysis or through an on-site water leak survey, which can lead to significant and immediate savings in a company’s water bill. We can also advise you on additional low cost measures to help further reduce water consumption for your business.

There are various techniques for detecting water leaks on your site and the most suitable method of detecting water leaks is dependent on the site conditions, for example:-

1.  Ground Microphones - Electronic listening equipment amplifies the sound given off by a water leak, our team use their years of experience and expertise to accurately pinpoint the leak and mark off in order for repairs, to be swiftly completed by our repair team.

2.  LNC Leak Noise Correlation - This clever piece of kit uses two sensors placed at each end of the suspected water leakage area. It is then calibrated according to supply pipe size, material and distance between the two sensors. Placed on the water supply pipe or valves the system will then locate the noise made by the leaking water and visually display the water leak on the screen calculating the exact point of the water leak. Our team then mark the point of the leak for repair by our team.

3.  Water leak detection tracer gas techniques - In some instances according to site and ground conditions we have to inject gas (95% nitrogen 5% hydrogen) into the mains water, upon completion a sensitive gas detector is then passed over the leaking water main and as the gas escapes from the water leak area the detector registers the leaking gas, we then mark down the leak area for our repair team.

4.  Underground water pipe tracing - In some instances the client may not have drawings of the underground water mains, in which case we carry water pipe tracing equipment for both plastic and metal.

Upon completion of our water leak detection survey, a full report containing specification and the cost of repairs will be sent for your review. We will in most instances quantify the expected water loss and report the expected monetary waste value. Once approved we will arrange excavation, repair and reinstate all surfaces disturbed to rectify your leakage issues.

Water Smart Meters

Now that we have measured and controlled your business water consumption we would recommend some form of monitoring to measure any potential future anomalies in your consumption patterns. We can achieve this through the use of a smart water meter, data logging equipment or real time monitoring as accurate as every 5-seconds. We monitor your water consumption and provide remote water meter reading at strategic points on site. This information is fed back into our web based reporting service so that leaks & other unusual water consumption can be immediately identified online and in real time if required.

Benefits of Smart Water Meters

With a companies return on investment typically less than 12-months, we take a quick look at some of the other benefits of a smart water meter for your business

> Billing on actual meter readings – reducing water charges

> Rapid rectification of water leaks

> Business water rates checking service

> Successful Monitoring and Targeting Program reduces water consumption

> Measure and compare site against site

> Control cost and manage future budgets

> Detailed analysis of water usage can be broken down by building, department, tenant, equipment or shift

> AMR determines usage over time, identifies peaks, compares sites and correlates use with the offending equipment or personnel

> It provides leak monitoring and helps leak detection and prevention

> Future business water audits are not required