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How To Tackle The Deregulated Water Market

We Compare Prices and Switch Suppliers For Cheaper Business Water Rates

Catalyst in conjunction with our range of trusted water suppliers  can  carry  out a  comprehensive  examination and analysis of your current water charges. 

Scottish Businesses - If your Business has a site is Scotland  then  switching  water  supplier  is  allowed  no matter  how  much  water  you  use.  Unlike  England businesses can also change their provider of waste and drainage services.

English Businesses - If your business has at least one site from which it operates in England which uses more than 5,000,000 litres (5 mega litres) per annum it can switch it’s supplier of business water.  Previously  the  water  usage  threshold  was  set  at 50,000,000 litres of water but in 2005 it was reduced to 5ML and is set to reduce again in the near future.

Switching to a Cheaper Business Water Provider

Switching  could  not  be  easier.  All  we  need  is  some information  from  you  regarding  your  location,  current supplier and meter details. We  will  then  analyse  and  confirm  your  viability  for
switching provider and provide a savings quote based on your current water usage.

Full UK deregulation is scheduled  for  2017  businesses  in  England  will  get  the same power as Scotland to choose  who supplies them with  water,  waste  water  and  drainage  services  which should make for a more competitive market.

The Benefits of Switching Water Supplier

Catalyst  provides  services  to  not  only  help  you  switch water supplier but to save you money on future bills as well as looking at historic water bills to ensure you have been charged correctly.

1. Competitive pricing from all water companies

2. Improved customer service

3. All  business  sites  from  one  organisation  can  be supplied by one water company

4. One monthly payment

Catalyst are able to provide a choice of quotes for customers who match the following criteria;

English Procurement: With the recent de-regulation of the water mater in the UK, any business that has at least one site in England that uses more than 5ML (5,000 cubic metres or 5,000,000 litres) of water per year can now switch water supplier. The market will then fully de-regulate in 2017 and will give those same choices to every business, charity and public sector customer in England.

Scottish Procurement: Since 1 April 2008, all 130,000 business customers have been able to choose their water and sewerage supplier, no matter what size.  They can also switch both water supplier and waste water supplier.