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Competition in the commercial water market was introduced to Scotland in April 2008 and at that time Scottish Water Business Stream was established as the incumbent Scottish water provider. Subsequently a number of other business water competitors have entered the market since then, offering the non-domestic consumers a vast choice in commercial water suppliers. 

Scotland became the first country in the world to adopt open competition in the water and waste water supply markets for commercial customers and for customers now looking for cheaper Scotland business water rates, they can choose from a range of over 18 different water providers.


The switching process is governed by a framework agreement in Scotland between suppliers, and is extremely robust and well tested since 2008.  Over half of the market has already taken advantage of cheaper water rates and depending on your water and waste water supply configuration; savings can be up to 55%.  Even customers that have already switched providers could still make a further saving as competition to win business away from suppliers intensifies.

Start Your Commercial Water Switch Today

If you have commercial sites in Scotland you are able to switch water providers for free today. We’ll just need a few details contained on your bill to get started, and you could be enjoying savings of up to 55% within the next 4 weeks.  To help us identify the most suitable tariff, please have the following ready:

  • Copies of all bills for your Scottish sites
  • Your SPID Codes (Supply Point IDs) for your sites (found on your bill)
  • Your current water supplier and your annual water charges

Current Scottish Water Providers

  • Business Stream
  • Anglian Water Business
  • Aimera
  • Water 2 Business
  • Severn Trent Services
  • Thames Water Commercial Services
  • Veolia Water Projects
  • United Utilities Scotland
  • Clear Business Water
  • Kelda Water Services
  • Cobalt Water
  • Real Water

Most Common Questions
Q. Can I switch supplier?

A. Currently if you are in Scotland very simply yes you can. If you are in England and using more than 5 mega litres of water per year then yes you can. If you do not fill the above criteria you will be eligible to switch in April 2017.
Q. Will my water quality change?

A. You will receive exactly the same water from the same wholesaler, the only thing that changes is the retailer sending you the bill.
Q. Will my bill be reduced?

A. In most cases yes but there are many more benefits from switching supplier aside from the savings. We can also offer advice on other ways to lower your bills and consumption.
Q. Why should I switch supplier?

A. There are many reasons to switch supplier including reducing costs, better customer service, tailored services, an account manager, consolidated billing and new forms of monitoring.
Q. Who is my current supplier?

A. You can find your current supplier on your latest bill, if you don’t have a bill available call your regional supplier.

Water Quote

In Scotland any business can now compare mains water discounts and choose a water supplier. Regardless of your size or location you could be paying more for water & sewerage waste costs for a variety of related reasons.

We'll compare prices from our extenive panel of suppliers to find you the best deal and best of all you don't even need a water bill in order for us to quote.

Current Scottish Water Providers

  • Commercial Water Solutions
  • Source for Business
  • Castle Water
  • Blue Business Water Limited
  • NWG Business
  • Ondeo
  • Everflow
  • Sutton and East Surrey Water Services
  • Brightwater
  • Regent Water
  • Pure Utilities

Most Common Questions

Q. What is a SPID?

A. A SPID number is the identification number for your individual supply point. These are currently available on some bills and will begin to appear on all bills in the near future.
Q. How does switching work?

A. It’s very simple, just send us your bill and we will work out your current usage and shop around for the best deal for you. We then send you all the fine print and once you are happy we begin the switch. A final bill is received from your current supplier and the move over is complete.

Q. Who are the participating suppliers?

There have been many changes to the suppliers we know with joint ventures, retailers selling their client bases and new entrants to the market. It is likely there will be more changes in the coming months but currently the active companies are as below;

Affinity Water, Anglian Water, Bristol Water (forming part of Water2Business), Cholderton and District Water, Essex and Suffolf Water, Northumbrian Water (now NWG Business), Sembcorp Bournemouth Water (joining Pennon Water), Severn Trent (forming part of Water Plus), South Staffordshire Water, South West Water (joining Pennon Water), Sutton and East Surrey Water, United Utilities (forming part of Water Plus), Wessex Water (forming part of Water2Business), Yorkshire Water (now Three Sixty).